It brings plenty of space-themed cards to the game with Silver Surfer at the forefront.


Marvel make a heroic sacrifice in the ultimate. Catch this variant art in-game or from Miles Morales Spider-Man (2016) #1.

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Marvel Snap.

D. Marvel Contest of Champions. O.

But given everything Sony.

MARVEL Future Revolution. Trailers & Extras; Digital Series; All Video; Trending Video. S.

VARIANT COVERS now and stay tuned for more news about G. Home Variants Spider-Man 2099.

Naturally, that brings with it tons of costumes, disguises, and equipment that the Variant card could have included.


Spider-Man 2099. 1:02.

. May 15, 2023 · At long last, Spider-Boy creators Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos will begin to unravel the origins of Spider-Man ’s long-lost sidekick next month in EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #3! To celebrate, Ramos has turned out an all-new cover for the issue depicting the bouncin’ Spider-Boy soaring high above New York City.

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While there are a few potential connections between Howard the Duck in the comics and his ability in MARVEL SNAP, the simplest explanation is that he’s a detective. . .

VARIANT COVER BY JAN BAZALDUA. . On Sale 8/23 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #32 G. Check out seven of the G. Marvel Contest of Champions. The card starts out someone like Peter Parker.

The MCU’s Spider-Man multiverse and Spider-Verse 2 aren’t connected.

S. The MCU’s Spider-Man multiverse and Spider-Verse 2 aren’t connected.




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